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EarthGirl 2
Earth Girl 2: Preparing for the Tsunami

Earth Girl 2: Preparing for the Tsunami is an interactive game about making strategic decisions that can directly increase the survival rate in coastal communities during earthquakes and tsunamis. It may be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play. This casual strategy game was developed by an interdisciplinary team, and it is based on real-life situations, with an emphasis on learning preparedness and survival skills. It was inspired by the kids who live in coastal... Read more

26 Aug 2016

In 1883, Krakatau erupted and destroyed much of itself. It left behind Rakata Island (at the back), a truncated rim... Read more

30 Jul 2016

It has been almost a month since we left the port of Colombo to make our way to the Wharton Basin, a place... Read more