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09 Aug 2017

A strong, shallow quake struck western Sichuan, China, on 8 August 2017 at approximately 9pm (Singapore time).

We will use geodetic (GPS and InSAR) and geologic data to study magnitude, rates and sources of subsidence in locations around East and Southeast Asia that include Bangkok (Thailand), Jakarta and t

Our Year in Review

In March, we kicked off the EOS Institutional Blog. Our goal – create a space for you to learn more about what our scientists and teams are up to. As I look back on the stories we shared covering new research, current hazardous activity in the region, and outreach events, I’m thrilled to have the Institutional Blog as a reminder of the great work we’ve done and the fruitful year we’ve had.

Wang and his team are reconstructing the monsoon system dynamics for the past million years with cave deposits in China to determine the monsoon's predictability.

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