Art and Science

The Earth Observatory of Singapore believes that art provides a unique connection between Earth Sciences and society. The Art Group is our primary vehicle to achieve this goal. Other projects throughout the observatory also explore the humanistic relationship of science to our society – in art, storytelling, and dialogue between scientists and those who either have been impacted by or live under the constant threat of natural hazards in this region. 


Fine Art and Documentary photographer Joanne Petrina is creating a series of fine art and documentary photo narratives that will provide an awareness of the science of natural hazards and explore the related human component and culture within the dynamic landscape of Southeast Asia.

Kevin Kling, Photographer will team up with Professor Paul Tapponnier to produce a film on Tapponnier’s seminal research on the tectonics of the Himalayas.

The EOS Visiting Artist Program (EOS VAP) 2012 is a pilot program that encourages the active engagement of regional artists who are inspired by Earth Science issues. Throughout 2013 and early 2014 the EOS ART Projects fostered successful interdisciplinary collaboration between Earth scientists and six regional artists working in Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines and China. The Earth-inspired artistic projects were showcased between March-July of 2014 in the Unearthed exhibit at the Singapore Art Museum.

This documentary feature explores the impact that tsunamis have had on Banda Aceh throughout history.

The EOS Knowledge Capsules communicate the excitement and depth of Earth Science to an audience of non-scientists.

Completed Projects

People–Coral–Mentawai is a documentary short about the methods used by scientists at the Earth Observatory of Singapore to develop a timeline of earthquakes in the West Sumatra region.

This documentary film is about the people who live around the Mayon volcano in the Bicol region of the Philippines.

This project has a clear Southeast Asian genesis but its central topics are universal. The narrative takes advantage of the multiple layers available in the art form of cinema, including performance, spoken word, moving image and music.

Earth Girl, a videogame that aims to create a greater awareness of natural hazards in Southeast Asia, has been released in 2012.