CHANGE is the newest short film by Isaac Kerlow and the Art+Media Group at the Earth Observatory of Singapore. It premiered in November of 2016 at the Singapore Eco Film Festival. 

Constant change is a natural part of Earth’s life, and its interconnected systems can easily adapt to slow change. But the natural balance gets disrupted and life is at risk when changes happen rapidly. Our growth and prosperity are changing Planet Earth, and some of those changes may be forever.

We appeared on Earth millions of years ago and with our growth and prosperity, we made climate change faster. Little by little we have become the main reason behind climate change. We have already changed the world, and some of those changes may be forever. Let’s take better care of our world, so that we can enjoy it for a long, long time.

Watch the official trailer here:

CHANGE - Official Trailer from Tropical Fantasy on Vimeo.

Funding Sources: 

Major funding for CHANGE was provided by the Earth Observatory of Singapore, the National Research Foundation, the Ministry of Education, and Nanyang Technological University.

Project Years: 


2017/16 Screening Schedule

March 2017
Durango Independent Film Festival, Durango, Colorado

Singapore Eco Film Festival, Singapore (World Premiere)