James Daniel Paul MOORE

Over the next two years I will be expanding my research program to encompass the fundamental physics and impacts of natural hazards from tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcanoes, as well as investigating the role of geology on the habitability of rocky planets like Earth and Mars, through a synergy of mathematical modelling and field expeditions (though, alas, not to Mars - yet). In particular, as part of my postdoctoral fellowship, I will also be looking at the solid earth contributions to sea level and the evolving nature of coastal hazards in South East Asia and beyond. 


I have over 100 hours of lecturing experience, including invited seminars, undergraduate and postgraduate courses. In addition I have over 500 hours of small group tutorial experience.

Professional Activities:

I am a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, a Fellow of the Geological Society, a Member of the Institute of Physics and I am currently seeing accreditation as a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. I regularly engage in community outreach activities and school talks.


I attended the University of Durham, where I studied geology, physics, and mathematics, concluding with a Masters in Theoretical Physics. I then received my doctorate on continental earthquakes and volcano monitoring from the University of Oxford, with Prof. Barry Parsons. 

Professional Experience:

I stayed at Oxford as a postdoctoral researcher in marine geology and geophysics, with Prof. Tony Watts. Then, four years ago, I moved halfway around the world to the Earth Observatory of Singapore (NTU), where as a Research Fellow and Senior Research Fellow, I have worked on geodynamical problems and natural hazards. Since the 31st October 2019, I have held the position of Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow and EOS Fellow of Geology and Geodynamics at the Earth Observatory of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University.

Professional Activities:
  • 2016 EGU Meeting Session Co-convener (Co-conveners: Laurent Jolivet, Anthony Watts, Yury Podladchikov). Long-term rheological behaviour of the crust and mantle inferred from observations and models at laboratory and geological time and spatial scales (EGU-AOGS session) (co-organized).
  • 2017 AOGS Meeting Session Co-convener (Co-conveners: Anthony Watts) Long-term Rheological Behaviour of the Crust and Mantle Inferred from Observations and Models at Laboratory and Geological Time and Spatial Scales (EGU-AOGS session) (co-organized).
  • 2017 AOGS Meeting Session Co-convener (Co-conveners: Sylvain Barbot) Physical Modeling of Gps and InSAR Data with Unicycle.
Courses Taught:
  • 2013-2014 Maths for Materials and Earth Sciences (University of Oxford)
  • 2014-2016 Maths for Earth Sciences (University of Oxford)
  • 2014-2016 Vector Calculus (University of Oxford)
  • 2016-Present Lithosphere Dynamics (Asian School of the Environment, Nanyang Technological University)
  • 2017-Present Layers and Landforms (Asian School of the Environment, Nanyang Technological University)