Timothy SHAW

Professional Activities:

My research interests revolve around understanding Holocene sea levels and the mechanisms for changes at both regional and global scales. Understanding past changes in sea level is imperative for accurately predicting how sea levels may respond to a future changing climate system. My expertise specialises in reconstructing relative sea level using saltmarsh sediments and microfossil proxies, in particular foraminifera. These environments serve as natural archives of relative sea-level changes through a combination of sedimentological and paleoecological evidence. My research on sea levels has focused on intertidal environments in the Mediterranean, U.S. Atlantic coast and Southeast Asia.


2009 – 2013 PhD: School of Environmental Sciences, University of Liverpool, U.K. / National Oceanography Centre, Liverpool, U.K. (NERC Studentship).  
Thesis: Establishing historical sea-level trends for the Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea using salt-marsh foraminifera.  

2007 – 2008 MSc: Environment and Climate Change. School of Environmental Sciences, University of Liverpool, U.K.
Dissertation: Late Quaternary climate and recent human impacts on lake sedimentation, Central Coastal California.  

2004 – 2007  BSc (Honours): Physical Geography (2:1). Liverpool John Moores University, U.K.
Dissertation: The Mid-Late Holocene Evolution of Southern Walland Marsh and the Origin of the 'Midley Sand'.