Aid Governance, Resilience, and Community-driven Reconstruction in Urban Settlements in the Kathmandu Valley Following the 2015 Earthquake

We investigate how communities and households are recovering, mobilising, and rebuilding in urban areas of Nepal following the devastating 2015 earthquake. Using applied anthropological methods, we analyse community dynamics, perspectives of vulnerability and risk, and the intersection between ‘bottom-up’ local responses, and ‘top-down’ formal disaster governance structures. The results contribute towards academic discussions about resilience, aid governance, disaster justice and reconstruction in urban environments, and provide practical guidance on how to align external assistance with locally driven post-disaster responses. During FY17 the project successfully completed its initial milestones, and the research team has begun to analyse data for academic output.

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Pia Hollenbach, World Habitat Research and Consulting, University of Zurich

Sabin Ninglekhu