A comparative study of Late Quaternary hydroclimate from marine sediments from offshore Singapore

We plan a comparative study to test the feasibility of reconstructing hydroclimate and temperature variability during the past (MIS 5e) and current (Holocene) interglacials from marine sediment cores recovered offshore from Singapore. We will analyse the stable isotopes (d18O and d13C) and trace metal composition (Mg/Ca, Ba/Ca, Sr/Ca, Cd/Ca) of foraminifera and ostracod calcitic shells to reconstruct past rainfall, vegetation, and temperature. These geochemical proxies will be placed in a chronological framework using radiocarbon and Optically-Stimulated Luminescence dating. We will extract the temperature signal from the rainfall proxies to better understand the climate variability during periods of climate warming of the Late Quaternary in Southeast Asia. 

Funding Sources: 

  • Earth Observatory of Singapore

Project Years: