Earthquake Ruptures in China: Testing Seismic Faults Behaviour Models

Slip-distributions along earthquake ruptures provide essential information to understand seismic fault behaviour, but remain poorly constrained on most faults. EOS augments the global co-seismic slip database by exploiting the exceptional archive of well-preserved ruptures in Central Asia.

Extensive use of TLS surveys on the Fuyun fault in Northwest China, for instance, has confirmed the existence of a characteristic slip amount of 6m during the last five earthquakes. Cosmogenic surface dating implies long recurrence times (about 6300 years). Such data are used to test and improve earthquake rupture and recurrence models.

EOS Team: 

Principal Investigator


Co-Investigators: Yann Klinger (IPGP). Jerome van der Woerd (IPGS), Xu Xiwei (China Earthquake Administration), Li Haibing (Ministry of lands and resources Beijing), Sun Xinzhe (China Earthquake Administration), Emile Okal (Northwestern University)

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