Lithosphere dynamics: From regional to global scale

We investigate the physics underlying seismic hazards by modelling the dynamics of fault slip and plastic flow. Assimilation of deformation data from large earthquakes and exploration of mantle and fault stability allow us to better understand how the Earth deforms under stress. Our broad goal is to reconstruct Earth's deformation in the last 20kyr at the global scale, including the interplay between mantle and fault dynamics. To that end, we propose to develop novel methods to image and model deformation. Applications of these new tools to recent earthquakes in Asia-Pacific will unravel new fundamental knowledge about fault friction and the strength of the lithosphere with broad implications for seismic hazards.

Funding Sources: 

  • Earth Observatory of Singapore

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The goal of this project is to explore the dynamics of the earthquake cycle and of the deformation of the lithosphere to better inform seismic hazard assessment.

Sylvain Barbot's group is researching the role of water in the movement of Earth's tectonic plates.