Reconstructing the Plumbing Systems and Dynamics of Magmatic Processes Below Active Volcanoes

Recent technological advances have revolutionized volcano monitoring by improving our ability to measure changes of a volcanic system before, during, and after an eruption. However, it remains a challenge to relate the monitoring signals to the magmatic system and processes occurring at depth.

Hence, Fidel Costa’s research group uses micro and nano-analytical techniques, thermodynamics, and kinetic models to reconstruct the plumbing system and produce a time series of magmatic events leading to eruptions. Main targets are the EOS laboratory volcanoes of Mayon and Gede-Salak.

Subsidiary Projects:

EOS Team: 

Principal Investigator


Tarsilo Girona (Postdoctoral Fellow Georgia Tech)

Claus-Dieter Ohl, (Division of Physics and Applied Physics, NTU)

Cesare Soci (Division of Physics and Applied Physics, NTU)