Time scales of volcanic unrest and dynamics of magma ascent

Petrological studies can inform of the processes and time scales of magma movement and ascent, and thus allow associating them with monitoring unrest signals, and thus better mitigate volcano hazards. This year we made significant progress in linking time scales and monitoring data for Kelut 1990 eruption, and found that crystals mainly record magma ascent rather than intrusion. 

Funding Sources: 

  • Earth Observatory of Singapore
  • Stephen Riady Geoscience Fund

Project Years: 

Mayon Volcano (c) Danikko Rivera

Using an approach that integrates geochemistry, mineralogy, numerical modelling, and physical models, this project aims to improve open-vent volcano forecasts in Southeast Asia.

The team uses micro and nano-analytical techniques, thermodynamics, and kinetic models to reconstruct the plumbing system and produce a time series of magmatic events leading to eruptions.