People | Coastal Lab - Adam Switzer
Aron MELTZNER's picture

Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor, Asian School of the Environment

Faculty Representative

Earthquake Geology, Past Sea Level

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Principal Investigator

Associate Professor, Asian School of the Environment

Faculty Representative

Coastal Geomorphology, Sedimentology, Sea Level, Coastal Hazards

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Research Fellow

Sedimentology, Sea Level

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PhD Student

Clair Elaine Jerusha DEVAN's picture

Assistant Manager/Secretary

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PhD Student

Past Associates

Stephen CARSON's picture

Research Assistant

Coastal Hazards, Sedimentology, Micropalaeoentology

CHEN Mengli's picture

Research Fellow

Environmental Change, Ocean Chemistry, Paleoenvironment

LI Lin Lin's picture

Research Fellow

Tsunamis Modelling, Sediment Transport

James Daniel Paul MOORE's picture

Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow

EOS Fellow

Geodynamics, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanoes, Gravity, Mars.

Hee Yoon PARK's picture

Research Fellow

Oceanography, modelling

Janneli Lea Acierto SORIA's picture

Research Fellow

Sedimentology, Coastal Hazards

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Research Associate