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Past Projects

To date, examining imported produce and both storm and tsunami deposits uses destructive, time- and resource-heavy techniques. This project applies high-frequency ground-penetrating radar (HFGPR) to develop a tool for identifying, characterising and targeting i) palaeo-storm and tsunami event... Read more

Catastrophic events such as tsunamis or typhoons leave unique signatures in the geologic and geomorphic record. The sedimentary analysis of these events presents an opportunity to better understand the sedimentary and hydrodynamic processes. Characterizing the sediment provenance may contribute... Read more

The study of lead (Pb) regional geochemical cycle in the South China Sea helps to minimize the risk of exposure to contaminated food or water in future.

This also provides an insight into the pathways of biogeochemical circulation. Inductive coupled plasma mass... Read more

This project aims to assess sea level variability over the 20th century with precise and accurate data.

These variations are traditionally mapped by data derived from tide gauges, but few long tide records exist from Southeast Asia.

In order to gain a... Read more

Coral microatolls preserve high-resolution data on past sea-level change, often to within a few centimetres. What’s more, precise ages of long-dead corals can be determined using radiometric dating techniques, allowing us to reconstruct a detailed history of such changes.

... Read more

Central Vietnam is one of the areas that suffer from serious damaging caused by frequent typhoons. Strong typhoons associated with large storm surges significantly damaged infrastructure in coastal regions, forcing the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people and a considerable number of... Read more

Our modelling projects work on the development and application of hydrodynamic numerical models for coastal hazard mitigation and forecasting in six different countries around Asia.

The focus of this work is to develop an operational in-house system that integrates observed... Read more

The Twelve Lake Area is one of the latest disturbed coastal regions present in Lufeng, southern China. Sediment preserved in the six existing freshwater lakes and the six infilled paleo-lakes will provide a good record for a paleo-typhoon/storm/tsunami study, due to... Read more

This project seeks to examine the onshore and offshore geological evolution of the Lang Co and Chan May embayments in central Vietnam using a multi-proxy approach.

This area is currently under heavy development pressures with little or no information on coastal hazards available, and also... Read more

Central Vietnam is one of the most strongly affected areas to suffer frequent and damaging typhoons. Strong typhoons associated with large storm surges can cause evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people, a considerable number of deaths and can significantly damage infrastructure in coastal... Read more