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Past Projects

The discovery of an onshore cave in Aceh Province, Indonesia, that preserves a sequence of marine-origin sand layers (possibly palaeo-tsunami in origin) interspersed by guano has given rise to an interesting application of thin-bed ground penetrating radar techniques.

This collaborative... Read more

This project was initiated and is led by Seshachalam Srinivasalu of Anna University, Chennai, to examine the devastating December 31st 2011, Cyclone Thane sedimentary deposits along the southern coastline of Tamil Nadu Province in India. 

This location was also heavily affected by the... Read more

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a technique that can non-invasively map subsurface stratigraphy in coastal environments.

This project is attempting to image the recent (2004) and paleo-tsunami deposits in the world-renown Phra Thong Island, Thailand, in order to establish a methodology... Read more

The coast of southern China is one of the most densely populated, economically important and rapidly developing regions of the world. Historical records of this area have reported frequent typhoon, big storm and even tsunami events, which have caused severe economy loss and large death toll.... Read more

Most coastlines in the Philippines are naturally prone to storm surges because they are situated along the path of typhoons. Moreover, the archipelago is also bounded by trenches and traversed by active faults that can generate earthquakes and potentially induce local tsunamis.

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The AD551 Beirut-Tripoli earthquake is reported to have generated a large tsunami flooding the cities of Beirut and Tripoli. To date no research has been undertaken to investigate the sedimentary deposits of this event.

This pilot project aims to search for... Read more

The Twelve Lake Area is one of the latest disturbed coastal regions present in Lufeng, southern China. Sediment preserved in the six existing freshwater lakes and the six infilled paleo-lakes will provide a good record for a paleo-typhoon/storm/tsunami study, due to the contrasts between lake... Read more