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The production of agricultural commodities such as soy, beef, and palm oil, is linked to distal consumer markets through a complex web of supply chains that span international boundaries. While the development of agricultural commodity industries has spurred economic growth for national and sub-... Read more

The transboundary haze pollution is a major source of air pollution to Southeast Asian nations. At the heart of the haze lies the issue of tropical peatland degradation. The only long-term solution to effectively stop Southeast Asia’s haze is to protect remaining intact tropical peatlands,... Read more

Observations of land-use processes are constantly made through the use of sensors in the sky and on the ground. The advent of social media as well as online platforms also provide a host of data sources which can be used to study land-use processes. Previously, we used publicly available... Read more

Deforestation threatens wildlife populations by removing their habitats, reducing their range sizes and food sources, and increasing the occurrence of human-wildlife conflict and poaching activity. To protect wildlife, it is crucial to stem deforestation and demonstrate how forests are important... Read more

Dam construction in Southeast Asia is often tainted with controversy due to lax environmental impact assessments and negative socio-ecological consequences. While their widespread development has been justified on the basis for supporting clean energy production, agricultural irrigation and... Read more

Past Projects

We aim to quantify current and potential environmental impacts of dams on river basins in Southeast Asia, with a focus on Indonesia (Java and Sumatra), one of the most hazard-prone areas in the region. We aim to develop a database on hydropower dams, both existing and under construction, in both... Read more

Our research project aims to understand the impacts of tropical cyclones on rice agriculture by estimating the extent of rice areas damaged by tropical cyclones. This work is important because there is minimal research documenting the historical extent of agricultural damage. This information... Read more