Projects | Magma Transport Dynamics - Benoit Taisne

Our research group is focused on understanding the movement of magma in the upper crust. Such movement is commonly in the form of a dyke, a sheet of magma that migrates through the crust by continually cracking the crust at the upper end.

A key force allowing dykes to propagate is the... Read more

We use volcano morphology, observed in satellite remote sensing, coupled with eruption data taken from historical and geologic records, to infer eruption frequency at ~350 active or potentially active volcanoes in Southeast asia (red triangles).

From that, we use statistical... Read more

Infrasounds are atmospheric sounds below the 20 Hz threshold of human hearing. Infrasounds can travel thousands of kilometres and can be detected using sensitive microbarometers. Several natural sources generate infrasounds, including the hundreds of... Read more

Past Projects

Mayon volcano is an openly degassing basaltic andesite volcano, located in the Philippines, that produces mostly small, but frequent eruptions. The most recent eruptions, in 2006, 2009 and 2014 were essentially effusive, but the threat of explosive activity required costly evacuations of ~50,000... Read more

One of the most active explosive volcanoes in the world, the Soufriere Hills Volcano (Montserrat, West Indies)has been active for more that 17 years and offers rare opportunities to increase our fundamental knowledge on explosive volcanoes. Observations of this eruption are invaluable and gave... Read more

With more that one eruption per year on average during the last 30 years, Piton de la Fournaise (La Reunion island, Indian Ocean) is one of the most active effusive volcanoes in the world. It is the perfect natural laboratory to imagine new methods to track magma motion within the Earth’s crust... Read more