Marine Geoscience - Satish Singh

The marine geoscience team is interested in geophysics, covering theoretical developments, design of innovative field experiments, analysis and interpretation of a variety of geophysical and geological data using advanced techniques.

Led by Visiting Professor Satish Singh, whose research over the years include modelling and inversion of seismic data, as well as the mechanics of subduction zones and mid-ocean ridges, the team now is involved in three projects: MIRAGE, a study of the 2012 M-8.6 Wharton Basin earthquake; the search for great earthquakes in central and eastern Nepal; investigating the geometry and kinematics of active faulting across the Bengal-Assam tectonic system.

Latest Projects

The largest earthquake ever recorded in an ocean happened in 2012 in the Indian Ocean; yet even with modern instruments, scientists have debated how this rupture occurred. This project will use new datasets to fully understand this earthquake....