Publications categorized as Worldwide

Equatorward shift of the boreal summer intertropical convergence zone in Maritime Continent and the impacts on surface black carbon concentration and public health

Huang T., Gu Y., Lallemant D., Lau G.N.C., Sung J.J.Y., & Yim S.H.L.
02/2024 npj climate and atmospheric science 7 52

Global health impacts of ambient fine particulate pollution associated with climate variability

Yim S.H.L., Abisheganaden J., Chotirmall S.H., Dong G.H., Horton B., Huang T., et al.
04/2024 Environment International 186

Identifying nature-positive futures in new cities: an application of the Urban Nature Futures Framework

Shaikh Fairul Edros Ahmad Shaikh, & Perrine Hamel
09/2023 Sustainability Science

Communicating future sea-level rise uncertainty and ambiguity to assessment users

Robert E. Kopp, Aimée B. A. Slangen, Baylor Fox-Kemper, Benjamin Horton, Cunde Xiao, Dirk Notz, et al.
06/2023 Nature Climate Change 13

Widespread retreat of coastal habitat is likely at warming levels above 1.5 °C

Neil Saintilan, Benjamin Horton, Catherine E. Lovelock, Chris Perry, Colin D. Woodroffe, Erica L. Ashe, et al.
08/2023 Nature 621

Late Quaternary relative sea-level changes in the tropics

Timothy A. Shaw
2023 Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences

Seispy: Python Module for Batch Calculation and Postprocessing of Receiver Functions

Mijian Xu, & Jing He
2021 Seismological Research Letters 94 2A

Assessing the potential to detect vertical magma migration using seismicity through the analysis of the seismic network design

K.E. James, B. Taisne, C.T. Tan, & T. Espinosa-Ortega
03/2023 Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 435

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