Publications authored by Adam Switzer

Deglacial perspectives of future sea level for Singapore

Timothy A. Shaw, Adam Switzer, Benjamin P. Horton, Gregory Garner, Jedrzej M. Majewski, Niamh Cahill, et al.
06/2023 Communications Earth & Environment 4 204

Tsunami hazard in Lombok and Bali, Indonesia, due to the Flores back-arc thrust

Raquel P. Felix, Adam Switzer, Judith A. Hubbard, Karen H. Lythgoe, Kyle E. Bradley, & Linlin Li
2022 Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 22

Submarine Landslides in the West Continental Slope of the South China Sea and Their Tsunamigenic Potential

Xiaoyi Pan, Adam Switzer, Dawei Wang, Linlin Li, & Phuong H. Nguyen
2022 Frontiers in Earth Science

Fluvial and coastal landform changes in the Aceh River delta (northern Sumatra) during the century leading to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami

Stoil Chapkanski, Adam Switzer, Annika Steuer, Benjamin P. Horton, Bernhard Siemon, Camille Tricot, et al.
2022 Earth Surface Processes and Landforms

New systematically measured sand mining budget for the Mekong Delta reveals rising trends and significant volume underestimations

Charles-Robin Gruel, Adam Switzer, Doan Van Binh, Edward Park, Huu Loc Ho, Lian Feng, et al.
2022 International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation

Precipitation stable isotopic signatures of tropical cyclones in Metropolitan Manila, Philippines, show significant negative isotopic excursions

Dominik Jackisch, Adam Switzer, Bi Xuan Yeo, Danica L. M. Cantarero, Fernando P. Siringan, Nathalie F. Goodkin, et al.
2022 Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 22 1

Extending instrumental sea-level records using coral microatolls, an example from Southeast Asia

Jedrzej M. Majewski, Adam Switzer, Aron J. Meltzner, B. W. Suwargadi, Benjamin P. Horton, D. H. Natawidjaja, et al.
2022 Geophysical Research Letters

The Role of Frontal Thrusts in Tsunami Earthquake Generation

Raquel P. Felix, Adam Switzer, James D.P. Moore, & Judith A. Hubbard
2021 Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America

Core-CT: A MATLAB application for the quantitative analysis of sediment and coral cores from X-ray computed tomography (CT)

Yu Ting Yan, Adam Switzer, Kyle M. Morgan, Philipp Kempf, Stephen Chua, & Thomas M. DeCarlo
2021 Computers & Geosciences

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