Publications authored by Erica L. Ashe

Widespread retreat of coastal habitat is likely at warming levels above 1.5 °C

Neil Saintilan, Benjamin Horton, Catherine E. Lovelock, Chris Perry, Colin D. Woodroffe, Erica L. Ashe, et al.
08/2023 Nature 621

Common Era sea-level budgets along the U.S. Atlantic coast

Jennifer S. Walker, Benjamin P. Horton, Donald C. Barber, Erica L. Ashe, Jennifer L. Clear, Matthew J. Brain, et al.
2021 Nature Communications 12

Inception of a global atlas of sea levels since the Last Glacial Maximum

Nicole S. Khan, Alessio Rovere, Andrea Dutton, Benjamin P. Horton, Erica L. Ashe, M Hijma, et al.
09/2019 Quaternary Science Reviews 220

Postglacial relative sea-level histories along the eastern Canadian coastline

Matteo Vacch, Benjamin P. Horton, Dania Nikitina, Erica L. Ashe, Keven Roy, Robert E. Kopp, et al.
12/2018 Quaternary Science Reviews 201

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