Publications authored by Nicole S. Khan

Widespread retreat of coastal habitat is likely at warming levels above 1.5 °C

Neil Saintilan, Benjamin Horton, Catherine E. Lovelock, Chris Perry, Colin D. Woodroffe, Erica L. Ashe, et al.
08/2023 Nature 621

A pilot study into the geochronological and geomorphic context for the archaeology of Barrow Island, Western Australia

Ingrid.A.K. Ward, Kayla Murai, Mark D. Bateman, Nicole S. Khan, Patrick Cullen, Peter M. Scott, et al.
11/2022 Quaternary International 638–639

Influence of 3D Earth Structure on Glacial Isostatic Adjustment in the Russian Arctic

Tanghua Li, Alisa V. Baranskaya, Benjamin P. Horton, Gordan R. Stuhne, Nicole S. Khan, Patrick Wu, et al.
2022 Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 127 3

A new Holocene sea-level record for Singapore

Stephen Chua, Adam Switzer, Benjamin P. Horton, Huixian Chen, Margaret Christie, Michael I. Bird, et al.
2021 The Holocene

Pollen Geochronology from the Atlantic Coast of the United States during the Last 500 Years

Margaret A. Christie, Andrew C. Parnell, Ane Garcia-Artola, Benjamin P. Horton, Christopher E. Bernhardt, D R. Corbett, et al.
2021 Water 13 362

Common Era sea-level budgets along the U.S. Atlantic coast

Jennifer S. Walker, Benjamin P. Horton, Donald C. Barber, Erica L. Ashe, Jennifer L. Clear, Matthew J. Brain, et al.
2021 Nature Communications 12

Testing the utility of geochemical proxies to reconstruct Holocene coastal environments and relative sea level: a case study from Hungry Bay, Bermuda

Andrew C. Kemp, Benjamin P. Horton, Christopher H. Vane, Daria Nikitina, Joanna C. Ellison, Lisa J. Rodrigues, et al.
02/2019 Open Quaternary 5 1

Thresholds of mangrove survival under rapid sea level rise

N Saintilan, Benjamin P. Horton, Colin D. Woodroffe, Erica Ashe, J J. Kelleway, K Rogers, et al.
06/2020 Science 368 6495

Early and late Holocene paleoenvironmental reconstruction of the Pearl River estuary, South China Sea using foraminiferal assemblages and stable carbon isotopes

Huixian Chen, Benjamin P. Horton, Jianhua Wang, Jiaxue Wu, Lali Waxi, Nicole S. Khan, et al.
06/2019 Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science 222

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