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Nurfiani D, Wang X, Gunawan H, Triastuty H, Hidayat D, Wei S, Taisne B, Bouvet de Maisonneuve C.  2021.  Combining petrology and seismology to unravel the plumbing system of a typical arc volcano: An example from Marapi, West Sumatra, Indonesia. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems. 22(4)
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Kayee J, Bureekul S, Sompongchaiyakul P, Wang X, Das R.  2021.  Sources of atmospheric lead (Pb) after quarter century of phasing out of leaded gasoline in Bangkok, Thailand. Atmospheric Environment. 253
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Wong M L, Wang X, Latrubesse EM, He S, Bayer M.  2021.  Variations in the South Atlantic Convergence Zone over the mid-to-late Holocene inferred from speleothem delta O-18 in central Brazil. Quaternary Science Reviews. 270
Kench PS, McLean RF, Owen SD, Ryan E, Morgan KM, Ke L, Wang X, Roy K.  2020.  Climate-forced sea-level lowstands in the Indian Ocean during the last two millennia. Nature Geoscience. 13:61-64.
Nguyen DChi, Chen Y-G, Chiang H-W, Shen C-C, Wang X, Doan LDinh, Yuan S, Lone MA, Yu T-L, Li Y et al..  2020.  A decadal-resolution stalagmite record of strong Asian summer monsoon from northwestern Vietnam over the Dansgaard–Oeschger events 2–4. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences: X. 3
Liu G, Li X, Chiang H-W, Cheng H, Yuan S, Chawchai S, He S, Lu Y, Aung LThu, Maung Maung P et al..  2020.  On the glacial-interglacial variability of the Asian monsoon in speleothem delta O-18 records. Science Advances. 6(7)
Chawchai S, Liu G, Bissen R, Scholz D, Riechelmann D, Vonhoff H, Mertz-Kraus R, Chiang H-W, Tan L, Wang X.  2020.  Hydroclimate variability of western Thailand during the last 1400 years. Quaternary Science Reviews. 241
Kayee J, Sompongchaiyakul P, Sanwlani N, Bureekul S, Wang X, Das R.  2020.  Metal Concentrations and Source Apportionment of PM2.5 in Chiang Rai and Bangkok, Thailand during a Biomass Burning Season. ACS Earth and Space Chemistry. 4(7):1213–1226.
Li X, Lim JTY, Gopal A, Mitchell AP, Sarkawi GM, Meltzner AJ, Sarmiento LF, Komori J, Maxwell KValdez, Weil-Accardo J et al..  2020.  Mid-Holocene sea-level and paleoseismic histories in Badoc, Ilocos Norte, Philippines. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting.
Gopal A, Mitchel AP, Lim JTY, Meltzner AJ, Chan AM, Sarkawi GM, Weil-Accardo J, Maxwell KV, Yu T-L, Shen C-C et al..  2020.  A preliminary relative sea-level history from fossil corals at Cabugao, Ilocos Sur, Philippines. American Geophysical Union.
Wan JXW, Meltzner AJ, Switzer AD, Lin K, Wang X, Bradley SL, Natawidjaja DH, Suwargadi BW, Horton BP.  2020.  Relative sea-level stability and the radiocarbon marine reservoir correction at Natuna Island, Indonesia, since 6400 yr. Marine Geology.
Wang M, Chen S-tao, Huang W-chun, Cai W-qin, Gong Q-lin, Liang Y-jia, Wang X, Wang Y-jin.  2020.  The response of stalagmite gray-level and isotopes to the climatic events during the last glacial period. Journal of Natural Resources. 35(12):3064-3075.
Sarkawi GM, Meltzner AJ, Gopal A, Lim JTY, Mitchell AP, Sarmiento LF, Weil-Accardo J, Maxwell KValdez, Komori J, Li X et al..  2020.  Tectonic uplift and subsidence inferred from coral archives of relative sea level in Balaoan, La Union, Philippines. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting.
Boch R, Wang X, Kluge T, Leis A, Lin K, Pluch H, Mittermayr F, Baldermann A.  2019.  Aragonite-calcite veins of the "Erzberg' iron ore deposit (Austria): Environmental implications from young fractures. Sedimentology. 66(2):604-635.
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Liu X, Rao Z, Shen C-C, Liu J, Chen J, Chen S, Wang X, Chen F.  2019.  Holocene Solar Activity Imprint on Centennial- to Multidecadal-Scale Hydroclimatic Oscillations in Arid Central Asia. Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres. 24(5):2562-2573.
Liu X, Liu J, Shen C-C, Yang Y, Chen J, Chen S, Wang X, Wu C-C, Chen F.  2019.  Inconsistency between records of δ18O and trace element ratios from stalagmites: Evidence for increasing mid–late Holocene moisture in arid central Asia. The Holocene.
Chiang H-W, Lu Y, Wang X, Lin K, Liu X.  2019.  Optimizing MC-ICP-MS with SEM protocols for determination of U and Th isotope ratios and 230Th ages in carbonates. Quaternary Geochronology. 50:75-90.
Ward B, Wong C, Novello V, McGee D, Santos R, Silva L, Cruz F, Wang X, Edwards RL, Cheng H.  2019.  Reconstruction of Holocene coupling between the South American Monsoon System and local moisture variability from speleothem delta O-18 and Sr-87/Sr-86 records. Quaternary Science Reviews. 210:51-63.