Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor, Asian School of the Environment


Geology of Earthquakes and Sea Level

Earthquake Geology, Past Sea Level


My research interests lie in active tectonics and in intricately related topics such as past sea level and glacial isostatic adjustment, which bear on questions of tectonic deformation at timescales from centuries to millennia. Broadly, my work involves applications of neotectonics, paleoseismology, and paleogeodesy to address fundamental questions of earthquake hazard, earthquake recurrence and repeatability, fault segmentation, fault interactions, and past sea-level change.

Many of my studies involve the use of coral microatolls to infer past changes in relative sea level, which we can use to infer past land-level change, glacial isostatic adjustment, and tectonic deformation. I have ongoing research using coral microatolls in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. I am also building a research program in Myanmar involving terrestrial paleoseismology to quantify deformation and assess hazard across the complex plate boundary there.

I am a geologist by training, but I collaborate extensively with the Geodesy Group at EOS, in order to apply geodetic modeling techniques to more rigorously interpret the geological data that we collect. I also collaborate extensively with the Coastal Lab and Sea Level Research groups. For more details, see my group webpage.

Aron at Mapur Island, Indonesia, 12 April 2012; photo by Imam Suprihanto



Diverse Slip Behavior of the Banyak Islands Subsegment of the Sunda Megathrust in Sumatra, Indonesia

Paul M. Morgan, Aron J. Meltzner, Emma M. Hill, Lujia Feng, & Rishav Mallick


Climate did not drive Common Era Maldivian sea-level lowstands

Christopher G. Piecuch, Andrew C. Kemp, Aron J. Meltzner, & Geoffrey Gebbie


Long-lived shallow slow-slip events on the Sunda megathrust

Rishav Mallick, Aron J. Meltzner, Emma M. Hill, Eric O. Lindsey, Louisa L.H. Tsang, & Lujia Feng

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