Community Engagement

As Observatory scientists address geohazard challenges for southeast Asia, the Community Engagement Office strives to share the work and expertise of our scientists. With established channels of communication, we reach a growing audience of interested and engaged users. Our outreach and education initiatives aim to connect with a broader audience, developing deeper relationships with both scientific and non-scientific communities worldwide as we build public awareness of geohazards research.

Earth Alive Exhibition

‘Earth Alive’ at Science Centre Singapore is a new exhibition on our dynamic planet where visitors can experience the processes that drive geohazards.

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Dynamic Earth Games

The Dynamic Earth Games is a new interactive workshop organised by the Earth Observatory of Singapore and the Science Centre Singapore.

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Geology Gallery

The Geology Gallery presents a unique blend of engaging exhibits and compelling displays about Singapore’s geology and landscapes.

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Future Cities Asia

The documentary series Future Cities Asia looks at the challenges and solutions led by science, engineering, architecture, landscape design and technology to deliver sustainable living in a changing climate.

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Changing Ocean Asia

The new documentary series Changing Ocean Asia explores four key themes around the impacts of the changing ocean.

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Climate Impact Asia

Climate Impact Asia is a documentary series that looks at the critical impacts of our changing climate systems on one of the most vulnerable regions in the world – Southeast Asia.

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Adapting Waterfronts: Postcards from the future, Singapore 2122

Adapting Waterfronts: Postcards from the future, Singapore 2122 is an interactive installation that invites the public to explore the past, present, and potential future transformations of the country’s shoreline.

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Earth Girl Mission

Earth Girl Mission is an anime series that aims to inspire youth to be part of the climate solution, as seen through the eyes of an 11-year-old girl who is on a mission to learn more about how the Earth is changing.

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Past Projects

Phuket Disaster Resilience Project

The Phuket Disaster Resilience Project aims to create a safe and resilient Phuket in support of a thriving economy and local communities.

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Here you will find a selection of short videos created in-house by the Community Engagement Office. To view more videos, please visit our YouTube Channel.

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