Edward PARK

Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor, National Institute of Education

NIE3-03-133, National Institute of Education and N2-01B-28, Earth Observatory of Singapore


Edward is an Assistant Professor in Physical Geography at National Institute of Education and Asian School of the Environment, and a Principal Investigator (PI) at the Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), where he is developing a research program titled Tropical Rivers in the Anthropocene. He aims to understand how rivers in the tropics respond to natural disasters and human activities. Edward’s work is strongly based on geospatial technologies and hydrological modelling, in addition to field methods.

Edward holds a PhD from the University of Texas at Austin (2017), and has won several awards such as National Science Foundation’s DDRIG and AAG’s Gordon Reds Wolman award. Since 2020, he has been the Principal Investigator (PI) of several research projects, that totals >2 million USD. He is currently the national representative for the International Association for Geomorphologists (IAG) and the executive committee member of the Association of Singapore Teachers (AST).

Currently, he serves as an Associate Editor of Journal of Hydrology, and editorial board members for Journal of Environmental Management and Science of the Total Environment.


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