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Chair, Asian School of the Environment

Professor, Asian School of the Environment


+65 6592 1603

Geodesy Group

Geodesy, Sea Level, Tectonics, Earthquakes


Emma Hill’s research interests involve the application of space geodesy to understanding climate change and natural hazards. She is currently investigating the tectonic deformation of the Sumatran subduction zone using high-precision GPS geodesy, with the overall goal of understanding earthquake hazard in the region. Emma Hill also uses GRACE satellite gravity and the global tide-gauge network to study glacier melting and regional variations in sea-level change. A particular research focus is the development of techniques to combine different geodetic data sets for the purpose of separating the effects of the many different geophysical processes occurring in the Earth system.




Slip rate deficit and earthquake potential on shallow megathrusts

Eric O. Lindsey, Emma M. Hill, James D.P. Moore, Judith A. Hubbard, Kyle E. Bradley, Rafael V. Almeida, et al.

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