Geology Gallery

The Geology Gallery is a permanent exhibition at Sentosa Nature Discovery which brings its visitors on a journey to discover the rich and unique geological history of Singapore, fostering the importance of conserving our precious landscapes.

Created in partnership with Sentosa Development Corporation, the Geology Gallery is where geology enthusiasts and curious visitors alike can discover more about our little red dot. The gallery is a useful resource for Singapore’s geography teachers and students, as it presents local case studies and encourage sustainable behaviours that can complement the school curriculum. 

The Geology Gallery, nestled among the greenery of the Sentosa Nature Discovery, presents a unique blend of engaging exhibits and compelling displays about Singapore’s geology and landscapes (Source: Rachel Siao/Earth Observatory of Singapore)

One of the main features of the gallery is a unique collection of rocks that form the nation. These rocks provide clues of the different environments Singapore experienced over the last 300 million years. Using these clues and the compelling displays that highlight key principles scientists apply to reconstruct the evolution of our planet, visitors can experience the process of unlocking secrets about Singapore’s past over the last 300 million years and discover Singapore through a geologist’s eyes.

The gallery presents how the understanding of our geology is crucial for a safer and sustainable future. It showcases some of the works and field experiences from the scientists from the Earth Observatory of Singapore. From their study of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and climate change, they help better forecast what the future holds for us. 

Admission to the Geology Gallery is free and open daily from 9am to 5pm at the Sentosa Nature Discovery close to Imbiah station.

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