Infrasound detections and interpretations in Singapore

Infrasound detections and interpretations in Singapore

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  • Seminar


EOS Seminar Room - N2-01B-28


1 July, 2016 - 16:00

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Pressure waves in the atmosphere with a frequency below human hearing (~20Hz) are known as infrasound. Infrasound can be generated by a wide range of anthropogenic and natural sources, including volcanic eruptions. These waves can travel thousands of kilometers from their source, making them an excellent candidate for regional hazards monitoring. The Earth Observatory of Singapore installed a five element infrasound array in northcentral Singapore in late 2014, and this station began consistent real-time data transmission mid-2015. The Singapore array uses MB2005s microbarometers and Nanometrics Taurus digitizers. Automated array processing is carried out with the INFERNO (INFrasonic EneRgy Nth Octave) energy estimation suite, and PMCC (Progressive MultiChannel Correlation). The addition of the Singapore infrasound array to the existing IMS (International Monitoring System) infrasound stations in the region has increased regional infrasound detection capability, which is illustrated with the work on four observed meteor events of various sizes and an eruption of Marapi Volcano in Sumatra.

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Anna Perttu

Anna Perttu is a geophysicist specializing in infrasound who joined the Earth Observatory of Singapore as a Research Associate in 2015. She received her Bachelor of Science in Classical Geology from Western Washington University with a senior thesis on volcano infrasound. She received her Master’s degree from University of Alaska Fairbanks in Geophysics with a thesis on shear wave splitting and mantle dynamics under Alaska. Anna Perttu has also worked with the University of Hawaii as a Data Analyst, Field Systems Engineer, and Station Operator for three of the International Monitoring System's infrasound arrays.

29 Jun 2016
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