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24 Apr 2019

When the time came for us to choose a place to house the EOS Dynamic Earth Games, the answer was a clear and obvious one – the Science Centre Singapore (SCS).

A gloomy gas plume looms over Mayon volcano (Source: Kuang Jianhong/Earth Observatory of Singapore)

SCS has an impressive 40-year record of making science fun and accessible to the public. They successfully reach out to and engage more than one million visitors annually.

We, at the Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS), know just how capable the SCS team is. We have worked with them over the years on various projects and launches (e.g. “Earth: Our Untamed Planet” exhibit currently in SCS, and the film screening of EOS documentary The Ratu River). Most recently, we spent the past six months working closely with SCS and acclaimed Californian science museum, The Exploratorium, on a new earth science exhibition called The Dynamic Earth (but that’s another exciting story for another exciting day).

Therefore, to house the Dynamic Earth Games in SCS makes perfect sense as it would serve to complete the entire dynamic earth experience conveniently in one location. Imagine playing “Sneaky Volcano” under the dramatic dark canopy of the Mayon Volcano exhibit (pictured above). How cool would that be?

The SCS team testing out the fun-ness of the Dynamic Earth Games for themselves (Source: Kuang Jianhong/Earth Observatory of Singapore)

We were glad that Dr Anne Dhanaraj, who heads the education department in SCS, is very supportive of this collaboration. Together with her team – Swapana Haresh, Doris Chow Shu Fen, Octave Goh Kok Hoe, and Tan Jyh Harng – we worked with BOHO Interactive earlier this year in January to breathe life into these games and have them placed in their new home in SCS. 

It was with delight and relief that both Octave and Jyh Harng volunteered to be the ones conducting all future Dynamic Earth Games workshops. Having known them personally since their undergraduate days, when they were active in the field of science communications and conducting frequent science workshops for schools, I know that the Dynamic Earth Games workshops are in very good hands. Octave and Jyh Harng are witty and relentlessly entertaining, and they brought much laughter and joy to the students during the playtests.

Let’s hear what Octave has to say about this experience in the video below. 


With this final instalment of the EOS Dynamic Earth Games blog series, I hope that I have roused your interest in these games. If I have and you are keen to find out more, please feel free to drop us an email at Do keep an eye on the EOS Blog for more news on our Dynamic Earth Games!

EOS, SCS and BOHO together in a “family photo” (Source: Antoinette Jade/Earth Observatory of Singapore)

The Dynamic Earth Games workshops will commence in May 2019. Please do drop us an email to enquire about the workshop dates at We look forward to having your school at the Science Centre Singapore.

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