Mw 6.5 Earthquake Strikes Central Philippines

Mw 6.5 Earthquake Strikes Central Philippines

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06 Jul 2017

Map of the magnitude-6.5 earthquake in central Philippines on 6 July 2017 (Source: USGS)

A strong, shallow quake struck central Philippines on 6 July 2017 at approximately 4pm (Singapore time). According to the United States Geological Survey, the magnitude-6.5 earthquake originated from the Philippines’ Leyte Island at a depth of 6.5 kilometres.

Dr Wang Yu, a Research Fellow at the Earth Observatory of Singapore, said that the M 6.5 quake was likely to have occurred along the Philippine Fault System, a major system that cuts across the Philippine Archipelago from the Luzon Island to the Mindanao Island.

The Philippine Fault System is known to undergo a slip rate of approximately 2-2.5 centimetres per year, and is the primary source of seismic hazards in Philippines. In the past century, the Philippine fault has consistently generated magnitude-6 and -7 quakes along its fault trace, and produced different degrees of damage to the nearby communities.

These events include the great Luzon earthquake in 1990. That powerful M 7.8 quake struck the densely populated island of Luzon in the Philippines, resulting in a death toll of 1,621 people.

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