The Community Engagement Office aims to build the identity of the Observatory beyond the scientific community, reaching government and leadership, educators, partners, and the media. This is achieved through elevating our scientists’ research and expressing the critical importance of Earth science awareness through both local and international media, and through the Observatory’s social channels.



Strategic communications with both local and regional media is crucial to elevating scientific research conducted by the Observatory. The Community Engagement Office works closely with the media to disseminate information about new research and provide insights to geohazards crises in the Southeast Asian region and beyond. Research from the Observatory’s scientists have been featured across local and international media outlets.


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Communication is part of the scientific process. The Observatory has several initiatives to increase the effectiveness of transferring the results of our scientific research to various audiences. This allows us to better communicate with those we collaborate with, including local educators, colleagues in government organizations, and communities that need help understanding natural hazards.

The ultimate goal of relaying scientific information about natural hazards is to encourage knowledge, attitudes, and actions that may reduce societal vulnerability to those hazards.