Towards Regional Scale Stormwater Flood Management Strategies through Rapid Preliminary Intervention Screening

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This paper presents the advantages and opportunities for rapid preliminary intervention screening to enhance inclusion of green infrastructures in regional scale stormwater management. Stormwater flooding is widely recognised as a significant and worsening natural hazard across the globe; however, current management approaches aimed at the site scale do not adequately explore opportunities for integrated management at the regional scale at which decisions are made. This research addresses this gap through supporting the development of stormwater management strategies, including green infrastructure, at a regional scale. This is achieved through upscaling a modelling approach using a spatially explicit inundation model (CADDIES) coupled with an economic model of inundation loss (OpenProFIA) to support widescale evaluation of green infrastructure during the informative early-stage development of stormwater management strategies. This novel regional scale approach is demonstrated across a case study of the San Francisco Bay Area, spanning 8300 sq km. The main opportunity from this regional approach is to identify spatial and temporal trends which are used to inform regional planning and direct future detailed modelling efforts. The study highlights several limitations of the new method, suggesting it should be applied as part of a suite of landscape management approaches; however, highlights that it has the potential to complement existing stormwater management toolkits.


flood modelling, green infrastructure, regional planning, stormwater management

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