Project Overview

Urbanisation has resulted in the proliferation of new city development - especially in the global South. These new cities provide hope for better living conditions as well as economic opportunities. New cities are often built “from scratch” which alters the social and ecological systems of the areas where these cities are located. Furthermore, new cities have been marked with increasing private developments that may result in segregation of people in the city as well as changes in how cities are managed. What do these observed trends mean for the resilience of these new cities in light of global issues such as climate change? In addition, how can we further improve the resilience of these new cities given these trends? 

To answer these questions, we aim to study new city projects in Indonesia as a case study and determine the changes to their social-ecological systems and its governance as result of these developments. Outcomes of this research may help us to understand the implications of new city developments on urban resilience as well as to reflect on how we can move forward towards more resilient urban futures.

Funding Sources

  • National Research Foundation

Project Years

2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

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The Team

Perrine HAMEL

Perrine HAMEL

Principal Investigator

Fairul Edros

Fairul Edros

PHD Student

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