Field survey of Typhoon Hato (2017) and a comparison with storm surge modeling in Macau

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Natural Hazards and Earth System Science, Volume 18, Issue 12, p.3167-3178 (2018)


On 23 August 2017 a Category 3 hurricane, Typhoon Hato, struck southern China. Among the hardest hit cities, Macau experienced the worst flooding since 1925. In this paper, we present a high-resolution survey map recording inundation depths and distances at 278 sites in Macau. We show that one-half of the Macau Peninsula was inundated, with the extent largely confined by the hilly topography. The Inner Harbor area suffered the most, with a maximum inundation depth of 3.1 m at the coast. Using a combination of numerical models, we simulate and reproduce this typhoon and storm surge event. We further investigate the effects of tidal level and sea level rise on coastal inundations in Macau during the landfall of a "Hato-like" event.