Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor, Asian School of the Environment


Disaster Analytics for Society Lab

Hazard, Vulnerability, Risk and Resilience Analysis


My research interests are in hazard, vulnerability and risk modeling for all natural hazards, with a particular focus on understanding the impact of disasters on cities. I am also interested in the modeling and communication of uncertainty as it relates to disaster risk, and the translation of science into policy. I use tools and methods from structural engineering, probabilistic hazard analysis, predictive modeling, geostatistics and other statistical methods to attempt novel and impactful research to promote resilient societies. I also work on the use of novel technologies for post-disaster damage assessment aimed at informing rapid, effective and equitable response and recovery. The multi-disciplinary and policy-oriented nature of my work has led him to build collaborations with the World Bank, the Red Cross, Google, USGS and others.

Hazard, Vulnerability, Risk and Resilience Analysis - Topics of interest include:

  • Time-dependent risk modeling.
  • Developing quantitative models of "resilience" (the ability of systems to recover from shock).
  • Risk analysis at the urban and regional scale.
  • Disaster impacts beyond fatalities and financial loss.
  • Novel methods of fragility modeling.

Post-Disaster Impacts and Recovery - Topics of interest include:

  • Remote sensing for post-disaster assessment.
  • Crowd-sourcing for post-disaster assessment.
  • Multi-data integration and geostatistics for post-disaster assessment.
  • Resilient disaster recovery.



Shedding light on avoided disasters: measuring the invisible benefits of disaster risk management using probabilistic counterfactual analysis

David Lallemant, Bernadeti Ausie Miranda Widawati, Celine Liu Jia Ni, Dennis Wagenaar, Feroz Khan, Gizem Mestav Sarica, et al.


Nature-based solutions for flood risk reduction: A probabilistic modeling framework

David Lallemant, Mariano Balbi, Perrine Hamel, Rafael Schmitt, Shelly Win, & Tian Ning Lim


Towards Regional Scale Stormwater Flood Management Strategies through Rapid Preliminary Intervention Screening

James L. Webber, David Butler, David Lallemant, Guangtao Fu, Mariano Balbi, Michael J. Gibson, et al.

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