Projects | Community Engagement

The Community Engagement Office takes on projects varying in depth, scope, and focus, supporting the work of the Observatory’s scientists and deepening relationships with local and regional partners.

The Dynamic Earth Games is a new interactive workshop organised by the Earth Observatory of Singapore and the Science Centre Singapore. Developed specifically for students aged 12 to 16, this educational workshop explores the fundamental scientific principles behind typhoons and volcanoes... Read more

‘Earth: Our Untamed Planet’ aims to create a greater awareness and appreciation of the Earth Sciences in Singapore, especially among students from primary and secondary levels. It has served as a teaching tool within the framework of their Earth Sciences unit—a part of the geography curriculum... Read more

The Phuket Disaster Resilience Project aims to create a safe and resilient Phuket in support of a thriving economy and local communities. The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and earthquake that impacted the island of Phuket both economically and socially in the years that followed.

A... Read more

Clear communication of scientific findings can inform the public so they can make better decisions. Effective communication can also enhance a scientist’s career. A scientist who communicates well can secure more funding, collaborate successfully with researchers from other fields, and teach in... Read more

Past Projects

The Applied Projects Group is a group of geoscience, business, and policy experts that help organisations develop solutions for geo-risk mitigation and integrate them into clients’ decision-making process. The APG works closely with EOS scientists, other leading academics, and geo-risk experts,... Read more

From 2012 to 2017, photographer Joanne Petrina traveled with scientists in Southeast Asia and documented the intersection of Earth science, culture and history. Her humanistic photo-narratives have covered subjects relevant to the Earth Observatory and the Asian School of the Environment such as... Read more