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Group Members

Karen LYTHGOE's picture

Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow

Seismology, tectonics, earthquakes, imaging

Jedrzej MAJEWSKI's picture

Research Fellow

Sea Level, Tsunamis, Geoarchaeology

MALLICK Rishav's picture

PhD Student

Tectonic Geodesy, Imaging and Modeling the Earthquake Cycle

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Research Assistant

Historical and early instrumented earthquakes. Strong motion seismology.

Sagar MASUTI's picture

PhD Student

Programming, Community Code Development

Aron MELTZNER's picture

Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor,
Asian School of the Environment

Earthquake Geology, Past Sea Level

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Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow

EOS Fellow

Geodynamics, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanoes, Gravity, Mars.

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PhD Student

Tectonic Deformation

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Satish SINGH's picture

Visiting Professor

Marine Geoscience

Adam SWITZER's picture

Principal Investigator

Associate Professor, Asian School of the Environment

Faculty Representative

Coastal Geomorphology, Sedimentology, Sea Level, Coastal Hazards